I explore experiences from an emotional perspective.
I create products that matter to people.

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Case studies


Reinvent TV as we know it. An ambitious brief from Intel Media. Online streaming redefined. Later sold to Verizon for $200M. Read more

Victoria Beckham

A collaboration between Skype and Victoria. Visualising the story of her first 5 years in fashion. Collaborative storytelling redefined. Read more


How to enjoy and share a live event with remote collegaues and friends. Create a social streaming platform for shared events. Read more

What I do

I investigate your product and customers, to improve the experiences you deliver. In essence four basic steps:


Find market gaps and white space. Make sure your innovation have maximum impact. Read more


Reach for the pie in the sky. Understand tomorrow to innovate in the present. Balance is key. Read more


Build prototypes in all forms and shapes. Web, App and Physicals. Touch, use and learn. Read more


Expose your stakeholders and customers to your products. Gain feedback and insight. Read more

About me

I've worked in Advertising, Games, Film, and TV. Mostly in advertising (Ogilvy, MRM McCann, Leo Burnett, G2) and mostly for big brands. (Microsoft, Intel, Skype, Lexus, Merck, others)

I'm of Swedish origin with 15+ years in London, UK. Myers-Briggs define me as having ' Extraverted Intuition with Introverted Thinking '. In short that means I enjoy innovation, solving complex problems and helping people to be the best they can be. In my spare time I write code and design artisan items.

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I'd be happy to meet up and talk work / ideas / tech / future.

I'm near Liverpool street station & Shoreditch.
Based in Barbican, London EC2Y.


+44 (0) 7590575647

601 Gilbert House Barbican
London EC2Y 8BD UnitedKingdom