What I Do.

A good user experience is invisible - yet fills you with effortless joy.

So what makes me different ?

I started out curious. I've made animation and high-end 3D for advertising and film. Compositing and sound effects for games. Artisan items with 3D printing and CNC machines. Designed IOT devices and software. In short: building products. Sometimes as part of a team...sometimes the team leader and client facing.

This means I know and use the language of executives, designers and engineers. I understand what a team needs to perform their best.

In essence looking at projects from all these viewpoints - then iterate through four basic steps:

EXPLORE the current ecosystem. To whom do we compare? How do we improve performance? Add value? Find insight in client workshops, surveys and interviews. Define customer personas. Look at the experiences we deliver. Find weakness and core strengths.

Where do we stand today ? Where to go tomorrow ?

IMAGINE new experiences that add strong relevant value to users. Identify product use cases. Refine info architecture, accessibility and affinity sorting. How do we see the product in it's current context? ..vs coming trends? Define product life cycle. Purchase-funnel mapping.

Dare to imagine better. Challenge limits.

CREATE a content map and process flow. Design user journeys. Visualise with videos. Code interactive prototypes. Perform pre-dev tech research. Interact with dev team on delivery constraints and opportunity.

Build tools to test claims. Deliver true vision.

VALIDATE assumptions. Test videos and prototypes on real users. Gain real world insight then iterate and adjust. KPI measurements. "Coffee shop" feedback. A/B testing. Short and long term strategy.

Dare to be wrong. Investigate. Improve. Iterate.


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